Kids’ Escape Room Challenge: Create Your Own 

Escape rooms can be the perfect immersive and intriguing game to keep your child occupied for a long time. Nowadays, owing to the popularity of escape games worldwide, you can come across various new and uniquely designed Escapology Garwood. However, despite the emergence of many new escape games worldwide, you may still find it hard to find the perfect escape room challenge for your kid.  

Under such circumstances, when you fail to discover an escape room game suitable for your kid, you can always design one of your own! Creating your DIY escape room challenge for your kid will allow you to design it in ways your kid will like and enjoy playing with. This article highlights ways to create the perfect escape room challenge for your kid. So, check it out: 

Curate a welcome letter  

The best way to design your DIY escape room challenge at home is by using items and objects you find lying around your house. In this way, you can seamlessly lower the cost of your escape room game. Firstly, start by designing a unique welcome letter, greeting players as they enter the escape room.  

You can find various printable templates available on the internet, which you can use to design your welcome letter. However, you may also create your welcome letter from scratch, offering an authentic look!  

You can print your letter in monochromatic colors or may even use a vintage essence in it. For designing the latter, you can use a tea bag dipped in warm water to wash your paper and create an authentic vintage outlook! 

Buying a few locks  


Escape rooms thrive on the use of locks and puzzles. Hence, a few locks are the first thing you need to get your hands on. You can find locks requiring a set of numbers to be used to unlock them. Usually, such waves can be reset repeatedly to a new combination.  

You can also use a traditional lock that requires a key to unlock  While using such a lock; you can hide your key somewhere in the escape room, leaving a trail of hints for players to uncover and find the key. Using bike locks can also be another fruitful option to choose from!  

Locks are an integral part of the escape room challenge. So, to incorporate a sense of variety and intrigue into your escape game, you can use different kinds of locks littered all around your escape room game.  

Understanding and setting the objective  

Escape rooms always have an ultimate goal or aim the players must achieve through solving and playing the game. So, while designing your escape room challenge, ensure you set up the purposes of your escape game. Given that you are creating the escape room exclusively for your kids, you can set simple yet exciting goals for your game.  

Some of the ideas you can use to set the goals in your escape room challenge can be: 

  • Attaining the locked-up dessert  
  • Reaching the hidden book (choose a favorite book of your kid) 
  • Finding and rescuing the doll  

In this way, while setting up the goal of your escape room game, ensure that they are applicable and relevant for your kids.  

Preparing popsicle stick puzzles 

Making up your popsicle stick puzzles can be fun and exciting to design. Popsicle sticks are easy to find in the market and are pretty cheap to obtain. Hence, it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to curate your clues in the escape room challenge.  

After obtaining your popsicle sticks, tap them together to get a flat surface. After that, you can paint them light colors like white or cream. Ensure that the color you choose is light enough so that the rest of what you write on it easily stands out.  

Following that, you can paint a picture of something on the sticks based on where players want to look for the next clue. You can even take printouts of templates available on the internet and stick them on your popsicle sticks to finish the clue! Once your clue is ready, hide it properly inside the escape room.  

 Making the balloon clues  

You can use balloons as well to design your next clue. For this clue, cut out a few shapes or pieces of paper that you can insert inside the balloons. You can either insert all these pieces inside one balloon or scatter them in many.  

Inside these cutouts, you can draw or write different puzzles or riddles for players to solve and advance in the game! Once it is ready, you can put them inside the balloons, blow them up and tie their balloons. Your clue is prepared to use!  

We only enlisted a few exciting ways to design your escape room challenge. There are still many other ways to try and curate your escape game. So, go ahead, and create the perfect escape room challenge for your kid at home!  

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