How to Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly for the Best Value

Do you have a pile of unused gift cards lying around in your wallet? Instead of letting them gather dust or clutter, why not consider selling them online? The benefits are numerous, ranging from instant cash or discounts towards other items you may need, all while decluttering your wallet.

In this blog, we will explore the top places to sell gift cards and how to do so instantly. Additionally, we will provide you with some tips on getting the best value out of your gift cards, weighing up the pros and cons, and even discussing some of the drawbacks of selling them online. So let’s dive in and learn how you can make the most out of your unused gift cards today.

Benefits of selling gift cards online

Selling gift cards online is an easy and quick way to turn unwanted cards into cash. The process of selling gift cards online has become much easier over the years. There are many ways to sell gift cards online instantly, such as online exchanges or marketplaces. Online exchanges such as CardCash and ClipKard offer instant cash exchanges for gift cards.

Alternatively, gift cards can also be listed for sale on online marketplaces like eBay or Craigslist. You might also choose to trade gift cards with friends and family. This results in a better exchange rate than online marketplace rates.

Overall, selling gift cards online is a hassle-free way to get the most out of your unwanted gift cards. There are a variety of online sites that facilitate the sale of gift cards for cash, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and can sell your cards in no time.

5 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards for Cash and Discounts

If you’re looking to sell unwanted gift cards, there are several options available. ClipKard is an excellent platform to sell gift cards from a range of top brands such as CVS, the Disney Store, Dunkin Donuts, Hollister, Kohl’s, and more. They offer competitive rates and a user-friendly interface.

Prepaid2Cash is another top platform for selling gift cards as it offers payment options and no fees when selling cards. They guarantee the best rates for your gift cards, and the entire selling process is done online, which makes it convenient.

Other popular platforms to sell gift cards include Cardpool, Raise, and Gift Card Granny. Each of these platforms has its own benefits and features, so it’s essential to research and compares them to find the best fit for you.


If you’re looking to sell gift cards for cash or discounts, there are several options available to you. One of the best places to sell gift cards is Cash for Gift Card, a website that allows users to exchange gift cards for cash.

With over 250 major retailers on their buying list, from clothing and department stores to movie theatres, the website offers one of the widest ranges of options available for selling gift cards.

When selling a gift card, offers up to 92% of the card’s value for popular cards such as iTunes, Walmart, and Target. This makes it a great option for those looking to get the most value for their gift cards. So if you have unwanted gift cards lying around, consider using to turn them into cash.

2. ClipKard

ClipKard is an online exchange where you can buy and sell gift cards for cash. It quickly became a trusted platform due to its fast and secure services. You can sell major gift cards on this platform by providing the brand name, card number, and value. ClipKard offers cash for unused gift cards from over 100 different brands, making it a great option for those looking to sell their unused gift cards.

In addition to providing cash for your gift cards, ClipKard also offers a rewards program. For every purchase or sale you make, you earn a point for every dollar spent. These points can be used for $10 off a purchase. Overall, ClipKard is a great option for those looking to sell their gift cards for cash or looking to buy discounted gift cards.

3. Gameflip

When it comes to selling gift cards online, Gameflip is a go-to platform for buyers and sellers alike. To attract buyers, Gameflip recommends discounting gift cards between 2% and 15% off of their original value.

Sellers should keep in mind that Gameflip takes a cut of the listing price, including an 8% commission and a 2% digital fee for digital gift cards. However, they do offer multiple money withdrawal options, including digital payment systems and electronic wallets like Bitcoin and Skrill.

It’s important to note that Gameflip also charges an additional 8% seller listing fee and a 2% fee for digital-only product sales. Despite these fees, Gameflip is still a popular option for those looking to sell gift cards for cash or discounts.

4. GiftCash

GiftCash is a great platform to easily sell gift cards for cash. With a minimum value of $25, users can earn payouts up to 93% of the initial value of their gift card. Compared to other gift card reselling websites, GiftCash offers competitive payouts and has no large seller fees.

Additionally, GiftCash supports a wide range of popular brands, making it a great option for anyone looking to sell their unwanted gift cards online. With fast payouts and a user-friendly interface, GiftCash is a convenient way to get the best value for your gift cards.

How to Sell Your Gift Card Online Instantly

Selling gift cards online has never been easier, and it’s a quick way to make some extra money. Several websites like CardCash and Clipkard allow you to sell your gift cards for instant cash. It’s important to note that when selling gift cards online, you can skip the shipping costs by selling them digitally.

In some instances, trading gift cards rather than selling them offers a more valuable option. On several sites, you can list your gift cards and receive payment via PayPal or direct deposit when they sell.

Before choosing your preferred platform, research the offers and fees offered by each site to get the best value for your gift card. With the vast number of online platforms available, selling your gift cards is simple and convenient.

Tips for Selling Gift Cards Online Instantly

If you have unused gift cards lying around, why not turn them into cash? It’s easy to sell gift cards online, and there are many options to choose from. One popular option is to use gift card exchange websites like CardCash or ClipKard.

These websites allow you to sell your unwanted gift cards for cash instantly. You can also try online marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook. Many people are looking for discounted gift cards, and you can easily sell yours for cash.

Another option is to use websites that let users bid on or purchase your gift card for cash. is one such website that allows you to purchase discount gift cards and exchange them for cash.

Regardless of where you sell your gift cards, make sure to check the balance of the card before selling it. You don’t want to sell a card that has a balance lower than what the buyer paid for it. By selling your gift cards online, you can turn your unwanted gifts into cash in just a few clicks!

Pros and Cons of Selling Your Gift Cards Online

Selling gift cards online is convenient, easy, and a great way to get value out of an otherwise useless gift card. However, people selling gift cards online must be aware of the transaction fees that come with it. For each sale, there is usually a 15% fee that the company charges.

The plus side is that the value of gift cards is retained throughout the sale, making it a great option for sellers. Physical card sales, on the other hand, may require a card reader, which could limit the sellers.

Additionally, the gift cards must have a balance of at least $25 to be accepted by the company. All things considered, selling gift cards online can be incredibly useful, but it is important to be aware of the pros and cons before making a decision.

Drawbacks of selling gift cards online

Selling gift cards online can be a convenient way to turn unwanted gift cards into cash. However, there are some drawbacks to selling gift cards online. Online gift card marketplaces such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist can be a breeding ground for fraud.

In addition, some marketplaces may charge fees, which will reduce the value of the gift card. eBay is not recommended for gift card sales, as buyers are unlikely to pay more than 80-90% of the card’s value, and sellers may have to pay additional fees.

If you decide to sell your gift card online, it’s essential to research reputable websites and buyer reviews. Payment for sold gift cards can be received via Paypal or direct deposit. Trading gift cards with a friend is a better option, as it is almost as good as cash and eliminates the risk of fraudulent activities.

Overall, there are benefits and drawbacks to selling gift cards online, and it’s essential to weigh them carefully when deciding how to sell your gift card.

Why Choose

If you want to sell your gift cards online for the best value, then choosing is a smart choice. They offer a secure and hassle-free platform to sell gift cards online. You can get up to 92% of your card’s value in cash, which is a competitive rate compared to other gift card buying sites.

With a minimum card value of $25 and a maximum of $2,000, has made it easy for you to sell any amount of gift card for cash. They offer several convenient payment options, including PayPal, check, and direct deposit. provides an easy-to-use platform that helps you sell gift cards for cash quickly and safely. Choose, and sell your gift cards with confidence!


Selling gift cards online is a convenient, fast, and lucrative way to get immediate cash for your unwanted cards. From avoiding the hassle of in-person exchanges and getting discounted cards to making money from excess balances, there are many benefits of selling gift cards online.

To help you get the best value, we’ve curated a list of the top 5 places to sell your gift cards. While many places offer instant cash, one platform stands out – With easy submission, fast processing, and unmatched customer service, they are the best choice for selling gift cards online. So, next time you have gift cards you’re not using, sell them online with and get the best value instantly!

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