What Are The Advantages Of Ordering Durable Custom Auto Parts Boxes?

The car and automobile manufacturing industry is worth billions of dollars. And the auto parts are shipped across the globe. Hence durable custom auto parts boxes are a must. They are perfect for shipping heavy to lightweight auto parts. And it includes everything from car accessories to the engine and the seat springs. Moreover, you can print the safety and warning labels for authentic packaging. Thus the auto parts shipment reaches safely. So we can conclude that sturdy and durable packaging provides unlimited benefits. Do you want to learn more about it? Read this blog till the end.

Promotes Sustainable Packaging

Do you know that you can support the green movement with custom auto parts boxes? Yes, that’s true. The cardboard, kraft, rigid, and corrugated are 100% user and planet friendly. They protect both the auto parts and the planet. Besides, each stock offers amazing benefits. Let us study them one by one. Corrugated boxes are the most popular and safe option. And the fluting adds more strength, power, and durability to the stock. Thus the boxes are able to withstand high pressure and weight. The end result? The auto parts shipment reaches safely without harming the planet. On the other hand, the rigid is preferred for exclusive packaging. And cardboard and kraft are used for lightweight items.

Authenticates your brand

It is admitted that auto parts are quite expensive. And customers prefer to buy car accessories and heavy parts from credible brands. But what is the best way to authenticate your brand? Custom auto parts boxes with logos are the best solution. It attracts potential customers and boosts their buying confidence. Therefore packaging with branded logo is a must-have! And you can print the brand logo in any font, size, and color. In addition, you can use top-notch surface laminates and finishings to highlight the design. It adds more character and gloss to the targeted area.

Attractive and practical packaging styles

Are you looking for unique custom printed auto parts packaging? Well, there are several box styles available. And you can choose any one of them.

  • Full sealed
  • Boxes with windows
  • Straight tuck end
  • Drawer packaging
  • Tuck front style
  • Gable box

You can pack the engine, battery, radiator, steering, brakes, etc. And you can customize them in kraft, cardboard, or rigid material.

Provides excellent protection

Custom inserts or dividers provide excellent protection to wholesale auto parts boxes. It compartmentalizes the box and makes it spacious. Hence you can pack heavy and lightweight auto parts. Moreover, you can order the partitioners in foam, kraft, cardboard, or rigid. You can customize them in any color, design, or thickness. Its sole purpose is to hold the items in place and prevent the boxes from collapsing. In other words, it strengthens the box and makes it more practical.

Elevates the visual experience

Do you want to improve the font readability and enhance the ink vibrancy? Apply surface laminates on the custom printed auto parts boxes. You can use gloss, matte, spot UV, or aqueous coating. And each one of them has amazing characteristics. For instance, gloss lamination makes the surface more reflective and shinier. On the other hand, the matte lamination gives a smooth and velvety texture since it minimizes the shine, so it improves the font readability. Now let us talk about eco-friendly laminate, i.e., aqueous coating. It is 100% safe to use and contains no harmful chemicals. And it is water-based, rapidly dries out, and is available in four types. It includes satin, soft touch, gloss, and matte. Lastly, the Spot UV is applied to a particular area. For instance, the logo, auto part name, description, usage, shelf life, or price. In a nutshell, the contrasting shine and depth of the surface laminates give a prominent look to a particular area.

Eases the customer’s shopping journey

Do you know why custom printed auto parts packaging is important? Well, it promotes your brand and helps the customers pick the right product. The thing is that the customers carefully read the auto parts description before buying. Hence printed boxes are very much important. You can mention the auto parts type, weight, usage, and price. So detailed packaging makes your brand credible and influences the customers buying behavior. As a result, they buy the right product from the right brand. Most importantly, it saves their time and improves their shopping experience. Ultimately, they share the packaging reviews with their friends and become word-of-mouth advocates. Sounds amazing!

Provides Handy Packaging

As stated before, the auto parts vary in size, weight, material, and function. Thus safe and strong packaging is essential. However, at times, it becomes difficult to carry heavy-weight boxes. And for that, you can attach the handles at the top. Yes, the rigid, kraft, or cardboard handles add extra support to the packaging. Thus the customers can easily carry the box without dropping it. Undoubtedly the handles add convenience and make the auto parts boxes handy. And the stylish and colorful handles improve the aesthetics of the packaging. You can even print auto parts or brand information. Thus it makes the auto parts packaging handy, creative, and informative!

Foil-stamped boxes: give a distinctive look to your brand!

It is admitted that the automotive industry is super saturated. And it is not easy to attract customers because they have many options to choose from. However, you can make your wholesale auto parts boxes stand out with the finishing details. You can opt for foil stamping, embossing, or debossing technique. But hot foil stamping is commonly used for commercial printing. It gives extra shine and creates a luxurious effect. The metallic foil permanently adheres to the substrate with high heat and pressure. And the best part is that it is available in various colors. And the metallic foil looks stunning on the dark color base.

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