Consumer Perceptions and Purchase Intentions of Serum Boxes: A Study of Packaging Design Effects

The market is flooded with serum products from different companies all claiming to help with certain conditions such as anti-aging for instance. The products are popular especially amongst ladies. Therefore there are even many companies selling them. If you are one of these companies, you will know the importance of serum boxes or packaging. This can influence what a potential customer thinks about your product and can impact whether they decide to buy it or not. This is why it is an important part of the product and care needs to be taken to create packaging effectively.

The following looks at the packaging design effects of custom serum boxes when it comes to consumer perceptions and purchase intentions:

Sturdy box encourages sales

A weak box that is breaking will not give the impression that your brand produces quality stuff. When people see this in a store, some may avoid buying the product. You need to concentrate on making strong boxes that will be able to keep the serum safe from harm. The container that the serum is in may be a sensitive one and this has to remain safe from breaking.

When you make serum packaging from packaging materials like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft, they can give you a strong box which can let the product remain safe during transportation and also when it is in a store. This box will give a good image and can even make some people want to try out the serum you are selling.

Green packaging gives responsible image

It is a necessity to choose green serum packaging boxes because people want to buy from brands that care about the environment. You can show your business as one that is conscious about the environment when you get boxes that are recyclable, reusable, renewable, and/or biodegradable.

Brands can let customers know that the packaging is ecofriendly by including this sign on the box. It will give the image that the company cares about the impacts of its activities on the Earth.

Packing designed to attract consumer base gets noticed

When you concentrate on following a packaging design which aims to allure the potential consumer base, you can make serum boxes that will stand out to the people most likely to buy the serum. This is helpful as you will be directly trying to get the attention of this customer base.

For example if you are selling an anti-aging serum, your consumer base will mostly include ladies of a certain age. You can design the box professionally and in a decent way giving the image that people can trust your brand to deliver the results it promises. A packaging design like this can convince some to buy the serum.

Colors give certain meaning to packaging

The colors you choose to include on custom serum boxes can give a certain impression and meaning of your brand. The reason is that colors convey certain feelings. You can find out what these are when you research on color psychology.

For example if a brand wants to show that their products are pure they can consider using white on the box. Black gives the image of class and elegance therefore high-class brands like to include this color on their packaging.

Informative packaging lets people know about serum

You should add the details about the serum on serum packaging so that you can let potential customers know all about it. By including the right details and that honestly, you can get loyal customers. It is necessary to find out what to add because too much information can make the packaging be confusing.

For example you can tell the purpose of the serum. For instance it may be one for skin brightening purposes. State its ingredients clearly and any warnings that may be present. Tell when the customer should use it by.

If you want the details to be effective, you should add them in a readable font that is the right size and color. This should not result in any confusion and should help people figure out if the serum you are selling is the one that will be right for them.

Brand logo helps in brand recognition

You can use packaging to increase brand awareness therefore letting more people know that your brand sells serum. Include your brand logo on serum packaging boxes for this purpose. The logo should be noticeable and you must add it on all of your packaging.

Add the contact information of your business so that your customers can contact you if they need to.

The packaging design of serum boxes can impact the way that potential customers feel about your brand and product. It can impact their purchase decision as well. Therefore it is important to aim to design the packaging in a way that will make people want to try out your serum rather than the competitions.