ACT Essay Guide: 5 Unique Tips to Score 12 Effectively


ACT is undeniably important for high school students considering applying to college. While the multiple-choice sections are devised to assess the knowledge in Math, English, Science, and Reading, there is also a writing section that evaluates students’ capacity to write an essay. Performing remarkably in this segment can distinguish you as an accomplished writer to colleges. No wonder, most students are seen to seek academic ACT essay help from reputed services than it is imagined to be.

Now, though it is quite easy to comprehend how to score a multiple choice test, you perhaps may wonder what will help you earn a good score on the ACT essay. No need to fret. Here, we will walk you through certain foolproof tips and tricks that will enable you to score the 12 on the essay you were aiming for.

Let’s dive right in!

Go Through The Prompt

The ACT essay prompt must typically incorporate up to 3 perspectives. Though you do not need to agree with any of the perspectives, it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of the topics and understand how you relate to every perspective. One must match your perspective closer than the others, so ensure to select wisely.

Again, if you are running out of time, try not to add your view as the fourth perspective. Rather, it would be wise to be focused on looking for the perspective you can relate to the most and that will support your arguments. This will offer you a strong foundation for an outstanding ACT essay.

Clearly Define The Stance or Thesis Statement

Clarity is the key. Choose your side of the persuasive argument and write out your thesis. Try to figure out what exactly you are proposing the argument for. Online cheap essay writer This will form the base of the entire essay. What’s more, it will also round out your introductory paragraph, so it’s crucial to nail it.

Be Specific In Explaining The Reasoning

While writing your ACT essay, try to include three or four points in the body paragraphs. Make sure to bullet-list these when you draft a detailed outline. When you give a supporting reason for the thesis statement, describe exactly why. Try to be specific too. Also, never assume the readers can read your mind. So, always lay it out for them concisely and clearly.

Mention The Opposite Side

Know arguing your side of the debate doesn’t imply ignoring the opposition. It can actually strengthen your ACT essay. However, when you mention a point of the other perspective, ensure to counter it.

Try using statements like ‘While A may be true, B outweighs it’ or ‘Some will argue X will happen, and while that’s a possibility…’

Avoid Getting Hung Up On The Facts

Remember, your readers won’t fact-check your essay. It doesn’t truly matter if you make up figures or research, but your objective is to show them you have the talent to persuade. They know you haven’t prepared for this topic remarkably or researched it well. The key lies in the ethos, pathos, and logos of your essay.

For all those ACT-writing superstars out there who are looking to score a 12, take these tried-and-tested tips to heart, and get practicing. The prompts may seek tough, but practicing and coming up with new arguments on the fly will help.


In conclusion, the ACT Essay Guide provides five unique tips to help students score a perfect 12 on the ACT essay section. These tips include reading the prompt carefully, creating a strong thesis statement, using specific examples and evidence, organizing ideas coherently, and proofreading carefully.

Reading the prompt carefully is crucial to understanding the task and what is being asked of you. Creating a strong thesis statement helps to guide your writing and ensure that your essay is focused and coherent. Using specific examples and evidence demonstrates your understanding of the topic and helps to support your arguments.

Organizing your ideas coherently is important to ensure that your essay flows logically and is easy to follow. Finally, proofreading carefully can help you avoid simple errors and ensure that your essay is free from mistakes.

By following these tips, students can improve their essay writing skills and increase their chances of achieving a perfect score on the ACT essay section. With practice and dedication, students can develop their writing skills and become confident in their ability to write strong, well-organized essay that demonstrates their understanding of the topic.


The success of your ACT essay depends on preparation as well as execution.  This article highlights certain surefire tips and tricks that will help you win the heart of ACT graders with ease.

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